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Erin Jansen's Structural

Wellness Clinic

Erin Jansen

Registered Massage Therapist RMT/

Structural Integrator

A little bit about me...

I just thought I'd tell you a little about myself and why I decided to become a Registered Massage Therapist/ Structural Integrator of the Rolf Method.

Before becoming an R.M.T. I use to work for Electromotive building locomotives for 8 years. One day at work I injured my neck pretty badly and headed over to see our nurse and physiotherapist to see what could be done about the acute intense neck pain I was experiencing immediately after injuring my neck. After 6-8 treatments twice a week from the physiotherapist I noticed the pain, headaches and stiffness had decreased and I no longer needed painkillers to control the pain.

I was amazed and instantly envious of her job and would love to work in the same field and become a healer and be able to bring relief to clients in pain and discomfort. A few years later my plant closed and I took the opportunity to attend a 2200 hour Massage Therapy program which was then followed closely (the month after I finished RMT school to be exact!) by a 500 hour Structural Integration (the Rolf method) course.

After attending these two schools I felt more than confident to treat my clients effectively with life changing results. In the future I look forward to attending courses for cranial sacral and manual lymph drainage techniques.

As a therapist I am capable in treating clients with deep tissue treatments, whether it be with Massage Therapy or Structural Integration. When I meet with a client I look at what their needs are as well as comfort levels and I tailor a treatment plan catered to their body and lifestyle so that they are able to reach their goals.

Outside of the clinic my interests include spending time with my family, cooking, and gardening.

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