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Migraine Headaches...

Migraine Headaches:

A Migraine Headache is a paroxysmal neurological disorder with many signs and symptoms. many studies have been published on migraines, there isn't a satisfactory definition for the disorder yet. This may be due to the fact that the symptoms of migraines differ from person to person, and even in a single individual or during a single episode. Migraine headaches are a poorly understood condition that affects the lives of many. 


  • unknown, perhaps a central nervous system disorder that produces secondary intracranial vasodilation followed by vasoconstriction.
  • genetics may play a part.

Triggering Factors:

  • stress, either emotional or physical.
  • food, such as chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, pickles, sour cream, onions, sausages, pork, alcohol ( especially red wine).
  • hunger from missing meals or dieting.
  • medication such as oral contraceptives.
  • change in the weather ( barometric pressure).
  • reflected sunlight, computer screens or flashing lights.
  • loud music.
  • perfumes, colognes, tobacco smoke, paint, gasoline.
  • unusual sleep patterns such as sleeping too long or little or at unusual times.
  • menstruation, pregnancy, breast feeding.
  • allergies to foods like eggs, wheat, milk and meat.

Aggravating factors:

  • Moving or changing positions.
  • trigger points that refer to the head or neck.
  • postural imbalances such as hyperkyphosis or hyperlordosis.

Home care for Migraine Headaches:

Some helpful tips on how to mange your migraine headaches between Massage Therapy treatments…

  • Self massage to the neck, face and scalp can help fight off a migraine in progress. Self massage can also be helpful between attacks.
  • Hydrotherapy applications before a migraine headache: hot full immersion baths with a cool cloth to the head and neck, can help decrease an attack.
  • Hydrotherapy applications during a migraine headache: ice packs applied to the scalp and neck decrease pain.
  • Aerobic exercise between attacks can help decrease frequency of migraine headaches.
  • Affected neck and shoulder muscles should be slowly stretched as indicated.
  • Lifestyle modifications such as routine sleep patterns, avoiding food- related triggers and managing stress may help decrease symptoms.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about how Massage Therapy or Structural Integration can help relieve your migraine headaches.