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Pelvic Clock - Beginner

Pelvic Clock - Intermediate

Pelvic Clock - Advanced


Laying on the floor on a comfortable but firm surface (yoga mat, carpet) start in a neutral position. Neutral is face up, knees up and feet flat. This assures a long

relaxed spinal position.

Imagine you are a clock on the wall. Your left side is 3 o'clock, your right side is 9 o'clock, your feet are 6 o'clock and your head is 12 o'clock.

Basic Pelvic Clock

To find 3 o'clock, allow your knees to go over to your left side at a 45 degree angle. Then allow your knees to go over to your right side at a 45 degree angle, for 9 o'clock. Perform this motion 5-6 times.

Next, for 12 o'clock roll your pelvis up by flattening your lower back on the floor. To find 6 o'clock roll your pelvis down slightly. Perform this motion 5-6 times.

The key to this homework is to keep your abdominal muscles relaxed. This motion is initiated from the muscles within the pelvis.

Intermediate Clock

Once you are used to the quarter number movements on the clock you will progress to the next phase. Always warm up first with the Basic Clock exercise. Then you will roll your pelvis in clockwise and counterclockwise motions around the numbers of the clock beginning at 12 o'clock. You can use the quarter numbers to gauge where you are as you perform this movement. Again it is important to keep your abdominal muscles relaxed. Notice the numbers that are more challenging and which are easier. The harder areas are the ones that need more focus.

Advanced Clock

Now that you have increased motion in your pelvis the next phase is to move in diagonal motions. Always warm up with the Basic and Intermediate clock exercises before you begin this phase. Working across the clock 1/7, 2/8, 4/10, 5/11 and then the reverse motion. Once you have performed these movements, cool down with the Basic Clock once again.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not do this exercise if it creates any kind of pain. Do not do this exercise if you are pregnant.