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Rhomboid Re-Patterning

Purpose: This homework is designed to re-establish strength and integrity in the posterior shoulder girdle. The anterior compartment tends to overpower the posterior


How Often: This homework should be done 3 times a week for 3 sets of 5.


Standing with feet slightly staggered, bring your arms out to your side with your palms facing forward. Next, engage your scapula by squeezing them together. As you keep the scapula engaged, slowly bring your hands together in front inch by inch.

Then reverse the motion back to arms out at your side. It is important to keep the scapula engaged at all times. If you feel your scapula separate, move your arms back

an inch, engage the scapula and continue forward again.

Be sure to keep your neck relaxed and shoulders down so your body mechanics are not compromised. If this causes pain, discontinue.